Felenasoft Xeoma: Invoice request for SWIFT bank wire

To immediately get an Invoice please enter:



This Invoice is for payment directly to our company's bank account. Available for purchases for more than $500. No VAT. Your will be charged additionally $20-60 by your bank (depends on your bank and country) for the SWIFT transfer. So, for small amounts it might be cheaper for you to use another payment method instead.

Bank wire takes about 3 business days. After we receive your SWIFT wire you will get an email with your license keys and information on activation. Would you not receive your license key by email after 3 business days, please contact us and provide your alternative email to contact you.

Notice: we usually do not send accounting documents for payments via bank transfer. If you need accounting documents, please select another payment method or contact us before the purchase, so we can send its to you. If you paid via another method and need invoice or other documents, please request it from the corresponding payment service (MyCommerce or Paypal) you have paid to.