Felenasoft Xeoma: Easy payment by UnionPay credit/bank card

Product: Xeoma Maximum Video Analytics Bundle, 1 camera, 1 year updates, perpetual license - $5400
Total: $5400

UnionPay cards issued by banks of any country are accepted.

Please enter:

By clicking "Pay by card" you will be redirected to the card processing service of the Bank Saint-Petersburg mpi.bspb.ru. Please enter your card number, expiration date, cardholder name, cvc/cvv code (three digits on the back side of the card), and then a confirmation code received from your bank by SMS there. Only banking cards with 3D-Secure (SMS confirmation code is sent by your bank to your phone) are supported for card payment. UnionPay and MIR cards are supported.

Important notice: please do not close the payment page or browser after making the payment until you are redirected back to our site (waiting time: 15 seconds max). A cash receipt from Felenasoft will be sent to the specified email address after payment. If you did not receive it within an hour since purchase, check that the payment was debited. Please contact us if the payment has indeed been made, but the cash receipt has not arrived within an hour after the purchase!

We do not have access to your card number. Your bank card information is not saved anywhere. Safety is guaranteed by Bank Saint-Petersburg and the 3D Secure technology (i.e. with entering confirmation code received by SMS from your bank). Cards without the 3D Secure technology, i.e. those you do not get an SMS confirmation code for, are not supported. The transaction is limited by $25000, but amount of transactions is unlimited.

You will receive your license key by email automatically immediately after the card is processed, along with a sales receipt/invoice. If you do not receive the email with your license from us during one hour, please contact us. Plese check your SPAM mailbox and provide us your alternative email in case our messages do not reach you.

If you have never received SMS confirmation codes for this card before, your card might not support the 3D Secure technology. Please try using another card for the purchase or use mobile payment or use another payment method on the Buy (previous) page, for example the Paypal method, or the MyCommerce method for Business cards. Please let us know if you need assistance.